Heatwave Robotics Sponsorship

The team Heatwave Robotics #9407 is actively seeking sponsorship to participate in Global First Robotics Competition, aiming to build and compete at the highest level.Your sponsorship can make a big difference in inspiring youth to become future innovators.

Your Support

A group of passionate high school students has formed a robotics team to compete in the First Robotics Competition. They've inspired 10 female and 16 male students in the community around Frisco TX to join them, aiming to elevate the STEM journey.

The team has secured grants to cover the $6,000 registration fee and is actively working to secure funds for building a competitive robot, which is estimated to cost between $12,000 to $15,000.

Our Story

Starter ( $500) :

Your Logo On T-Shirt and Thank You note from the team

Level 1 ( $1000) :

Starter plus, your logo on website and social media promo

Level 2 ( $2000) :

Level 1 plus, your logo printed on 8' banner and presented at competition

Level 3 ( $3000) :

Level 2 plus, competition invite and student ambassador

Level 4 ( $5000) :

Level 3 plus, Your logo on Robot and onsite demo by students

Level 5: $5,000 for 2yrs

Level 4 plus, Prominent Logo placement and promo video

Our Sponsors