"At Heatwave Robotics, we cultivate a tight-knit community that nurtures creativity, fuels innovation, and thrives on collaboration. Together, we design robots to conquer challenges, honing skills in engineering and programming, all while fostering a spirit of teamwork and reaching beyond just being a platform for students to delve into their technological passions."

"A community of diverse, passionate students coming together to further STEM education"

We at Heatwave are a diverse group of students who came together to participate in FRC together.

Our extensive outreach in Dallas has positively impacted hundreds of students of all ages through weekly team events, engaging in robotics activities for children, fundraising for local establishments, and more. Committed to spreading STEM education in robotics, we aim to expand our impact throughout Dallas and across Texas.


Robotics Workshop for Kids

Arts with Seniors

At Heatwave Robotics, we are more than just a robotics team. We are a community of passionate individuals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of robotics and igniting a spark of excitement in our community. Our cutting-edge designs and technical expertise allow us to create robots that can withstand any challenge, and our commitment to teamwork and collaboration means that we are greater than the sum of our parts. Join us and experience the Heat today!